Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Embarrassment of information riches.

We live in an age when data is highly transitory in nature and the wealth of information that is available from the government is mind boggling. Data that was nearly impossible to come by due to privacy laws in the United states have  become free flowing and has nearly clogged the information filters that most companies had found sufficient to slow the speed of transfer of data to a manageable torrent. Now that government agencies in the US have been mandated to make all databases available to the public, the amount of free accessible information is about to overwhelm most data aggregation companies. What this means is that companies that were feverishly entering data into their databases to keep up with their clients needs for data, are now able to subscribe to RSS feeds from the government and have that database compiled from the source as it is distributed. Therefore the prohibitive cost of most subscription based services is about to be reduced to pennies on the dollars. Therefore I am about to make available my collated list of FAA Request for Proposals and contracts awarded that has heretofore required painstaking data entry to publish on the internet. I'm setting up a new data dissemination model and will be shifting  the focus on educating and mentoring new government contractors and small businesses that are looking to enter the lucrative and exciting world of government contracts. Minority ownership is of course the prerequisite, 51% ownership is the minimum acceptable amount, so go out and get yourself a couple of minority partners that will satisfy this requirement. And with your new focus on meeting the status requirement firmly in hand, you'll next need to select a good match with an existing SBA mentor that will be able to train you on the complexities of government contracts and proper proposal protocols for RFP submissions. The government has a mentoring program in place and either the agency can give you information about their list of contractors or you can contact us and we will match you with an experienced mentor that well make sure that you can pass muster with the agency that you'd like to bid for.  The SBA wants you to use their  guidance on establishing a mentoring relationship. I look forward to seeing you all in attendance here on the web and would you all please be sure to follow my twitter account to be notified when the next installment in this tutorial becomes available. In the meantime look below for the links to the data file and happy RFPing. be sure to look closely at our sponsor list, for the best bargains in database services. See ya all real soon,. Jeffrey Allen (424) 248-4308